Training online – how to keep motivated

How do dancers stay motivated?

 Suddenly the corona pandemic has brought everything to a halt! Like many dancers and teachers around the world, we dealing with so many different issues like disappointment, depression, confusion and a feeling that our lives are being kept on hold! How do we keep motivated and how do we try to keep up our standards? Whilst teachers have had to find alternatives methods of teaching, not only to make ends meet but mainly to keep the passion and love of dance alive in their students. Inspiration and keeping up with regular ballet classes can be difficult when trying to follow along on Zoom, in a small space at home on you own.

Some tips to stay motivated

 Changing the room you are going to train in can help make it become your space and time to focus on your goals. Some may be fortunate to have mirrors for self-correcting, or Marley flooring and even proper barres, others do not have these simple luxuries. So if possible try to get something that would improve this ‘makeshift training studio’. These small adjustments can make it easier to concentrate and keep you focused. Try to set small goals of what you want to achieve each week to help you stay on track. Keeping a regular schedule whether daily or weekly will assist forming a routine and form a direction of where you are in your training.

This new routine can include a variety of activities such as going for a walk, run or cycle. Joining online keep fit, pilates or even recording a live workout video to help keep you motivated and pass the time.

There will be times when you do not feel like doing class so finding a friend that you can workout together can help stay in touch and could be fun. Alternatively try to find someone you trust to help you maintain class attendance.

This is an excellent time to focus on specific weaknesses or details in your technique. Time to concentrate on strengthen your feet, that hip correction, use of back muscles in ports de bras. Back to ballet basics is so essential and of great benefit to prepare the body for when you are allowed to return, and that day will be here sooner than you may think. So be ready!

Stay motivated – Train hard – Achieve your goals!

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