2015 – 2019:

Morgan Adshade
Tayla Bartlett
Cate Buswell
Natasha Braun
Lianca Coetzee
Jessica Desmond
Caitlin Dicker
Jenna Fyfe
Tamia Geldenhuys
Jesse Greisel
Stacey-Lee Heyns
Tessa Hutcheson
Rozanne Jonck
Suzanna Jansen
Daniel Levy
Mbali Mthimkhulu
Nina Mercurio
Kate Morris
Kirsten Roberts
Lola Steiner
Kristina Shaga
Paula Scheder Bieschin
Lauren Wooton
Savannah Wheddon
Sasha-Leigh Allen
Paige De Araujo
Alessia Davies
Marni Opperman

2011 – 2015:

Tasha Ainsworth
Kiara Beilinsohn
Ammaarah Domingo
Chante Daniels
Amy Dean
Rebecca Edmunds
Zoe Gadeyne
Jessica Faure
Emily Isted
Mikayla Isaacs
Mia Labuschagne
Megan Lambrecht
Caitlin Mackay
Khanya Mandongana
Daria Mordvinova
Jemma Morris
Tania Mtheto
Mia Neethling
Mishke Oliver
Hayley Powell
Natasha Powell
Oscar Pearson
Zhenya Pietersen
Jenna Roll
Bianca Rijkmans
Gabriel Ravenscroft
Julia Radowsky
Lara Sneddon
Megan Turner
Caitlin Tanner
Micheline Thomas
Meije Vivier
Liza Van Heerden

2006 – 2010:

Cleo Ames
Rudi Botha
Simone Botha
Kayla Bosman
Jodie Bowers
Ruby Burton
Nicole Ballentine
Robyn Casper
Rene Coetzee
Ashley Grove
Candice Groenmeyer
Gertina Grobler
Emma Jooste
Mlindi Kulashe
Londiwe Khoza
Melissa Loubser
Kelly Lyttle
Tracy Lyttle
Sxony Moolman
Julie Maddison
Giselle Mitchell
Kelly Novak
Caitlin Nosworthy
Tracy Norman
Cindy Okkers
Dianne Palmer
Amy Payne
Danielle Reynecke
Liesl Slingers
Lara Spence
Keisha Solomon
Ashley Scott
Gemma Trehearn
Dani Trocado
Nicole Turner
Nicole Thompson
Gabriella Ghiaroni
Stephanie Van der Watt
Annabelle van der Watt
Daniel Wagner

CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY gave me the platform to experience what it is and how it feels to be apart of a professional touring company. It is a diverse company in the sense that every member of the company has a different background and a different story to tell, but at the same time we are all there for the same reason and we share the same talent and passion.

 If I look back, now that I’m at the verge of officially kick-starting my dance career, CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY has prepared me for what a real ballet dancer life entails. When I was with the company, we toured nationally and internationally, which is great for aspiring young dancers. We get the chance to compare our skills with those of international dancers, we learn from them and we try to better ourselves. That type of exposure also broadens our mind, we were exposed to other genres of dancing and personally, I think because of that, I have grown to be a dancer that is not scared to explore other styles. In fact, it is important nowadays to be a versatile dancer than just one sided. CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY offered not only classical ballet, but we did contemporary works, african contemporary, pantsula, modern and neo-classical, so that is a wide variety and that background, comes in hand for me now.

 The amount of performance opportunities and stage exposure we had was incredible. CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY kept us busy and away from mischief. I grew up in an area that has once had the highest murder rates in the country; gangsterism, drugs, teenage pregnancy and all these socio-economic challenges, I faced almost everyday, so the sort of platform that CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY offered to me (safe and friendly environment), kept me away from all of these things, gave me a different mentality and look to life, and honestly it gave me a joyful childhood, something that no one can take away from me.

 The dedication from the staff members had a huge impact on us dancers, we were focused and driven young artists just like they were, and they had our best interests at heart. That pure dedication, focus and drive is actually what kept me throughout the years at English National Ballet School. During my time with CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY, I remember Dianne Cheesman saying to me “You can’t just depend on pure talent…”. At the time that made no sense to me whatsoever, but for some reason it stayed with me and it makes sense now. You can’t just depend on pure talent, you need to work hard, and don’t slack one bit, so that you can be the best that you can be- I think CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY really passes that message well.

 I’m now in my final year at English National Ballet School and will join a professional company soon and I will definitely take on board what I have learnt from CAPE JUNIOR BALLET COMPANY. I think I’m ready.

 Millz x – 2013

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