Our Vision

Cape Junior Ballet

South Africa is a country bursting with dance talent. There is a real need for young people today to develop their aspirations, imagination and skills and their lives can be greatly enriched if they have the chance to be a part of the magical experience of dance performance. With this in mind Dianne Cheesman founded the Cape Junior Ballet Company in January 2005. At the moment the company consists of 45 aspiring dancers between the ages of 11 and 17 years. The dancers come from studios in and around the Western Cape, South Africa and have been selected by a prestigious audition panel. They rehearse together every Saturday afternoon and learn a variety of dance styles including classical and neo-classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance and Pantsula. The company not only provides young dancers with specialised training and performing opportunities in a professional atmosphere, but also facilitates their transition from classroom to stage. They perform annually around South Africa and internationally instilling in audiences the advantages of dance within the community. These dancers learn to develop their own talents and they are encouraged to use their talent to help those less fortunate.

CJB Affliates

Cape Town City Ballet   Royal Academy of Dance   dance for all   Western Province Dance Teacher's Association University of Cape Town